Stephan Wasielewski's work exudes vision and an optimistic sense of purpose. The environmental engineer is proud to be involved in legacy endeavors that will shape the future.

When Stephan Wasielewski arrives at the HOLINGER office in Stuttgart every morning, he's already done his daily exercise routine. Regardless of the season, he rides his e-bike about 17 kilometres to work. The environmental engineer joined HOLINGER in January 2022 after completing his doctorate at the University of Stuttgart. Initially, he expected to be involved in traditional planning work, but his role has since evolved. Currently, Stephan is involved in project management for two major initiatives, where he is responsible for strategy development, sub-project coordination and project progress monitoring.

Generally, Stephan prefers projects that require a broad perspective and emphasises the importance of doing work that is relevant to the future. In particular, he is proud of his key role in Europe's largest drinking water project, "Source of the Future", which aims to improve Baden-Württemberg's water supply for future generations by utilising water from Lake Constance.

“The major challenges that we face go beyond water supply. We need to find solutions that allow us to consume fewer resources and reduce conflicts. But I am confident that we will succeed.”

Stephan Wasielewski

Stephan is also focussing on the future in his role as the Deputy Leader of HOLINGER’s Water Supply Technology Group. The HOLINGER Group network brings together experts to share expertise, anticipate future trends and stimulate research and innovation. With the effects of climate change, water is becoming an increasingly vital resource. Stephan firmly believes in the need to find resource-efficient solutions to reduce conflict. Despite the significant challenges, Stephan remains optimistic. “After all, humanity has encountered problems throughout history and always found solutions, so I am fundamentally positive,” explains Stephan. He attributes part of his positivity to the exceptional team in Stuttgart, which defies the stereotypes of the engineering world. “I have colleagues spanning a range of ages who foster an open and constructive working environment. I truly appreciate that and look forward to coming to work every day”.