From Basel to Dresden: Cristina Fritzsche, deputy head of the HOLINGER Wastewater Technology Group, moved with her whole family to spend a year working with her German colleagues. Cross-border collaboration took on a new meaning, and it was an exciting time for her family too. 

"It is enriching to think outside the box. I learned a lot this year, both professionally and privately, and can only recommend such an exchange."

Cristina Fritzsche

Cristina Fritzsche from Basel, Switzerland took the opportunity to deepen HOLINGER's cross-border cooperation during her year in Dresden, Germany. She found that the networking within the HOLINGER Group and the exchange of valuable knowledge enabled her to further strengthen the specialist area of wastewater and thus achieve even more for the environment. Together with her family she had a very exciting time. They enjoyed the beautiful countryside around Dresden and went on the traditional Baltic Sea holiday. Her children went to nursery in Dresden and are now familiar with two very different systems of childcare. Cristina Fritzsche is taking home memories that will last a lifetime and her children are sure to remember their year in Germany for a long time to come.