Cour de Gare: A city within the city

The 150 million "Cour de Gare" project is located near the SBB railway station in Sion. It is bordered by Avenue de Tourbillon to the north, Avenue de la Gare to the west, the Swiss railway tracks to the south and Avenue des Mayennets to the east. The neighbourhood plan envisages the construction of six buildings on a common base with two underground parking levels. The building will house 302 flats and provide, in future, around 25’000 m2 for shops, offices and hotel rooms as well as a concert and congress hall for the city. 

Our tasks

HOLINGER is responsible for:

  • the construction of two basement levels of the "Cour de Gare"
  • columns and a staircase
  • the construction of the floor slab and the perimeter walls
  • the construction pit enclosure
  • steel construction work

Much of the work takes place in the groundwater zone.

Project team

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André Tercinod

Project Manager

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Gabriel Dessimoz

Civil engineer draughtsman

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Catia Fernandes

Civil engineering draughtswoman

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Loïc Leyat

Civil engineer draughtsman