Cross-border water source protection 

The Klokot and Privilica springs supply drinking water from karst aquifers to the 60,000 inhabitants of the town of Bihac in Bosnia Herzegovina. However, 90% of their catchment area is located in Croatia. In a study for the World Bank, HOLINGER identified negative environmental impacts, assessed the groundwater protection zones and the legal framework, and proposed measures to maintain good drinking water quality.

Our tasks

HOLINGER was entrusted with the overall project management, which included the following tasks:

  • Coordination of the consulting team of three companies in three countries
  • Communication and exchange between consulting team, client, partners and stakeholders
  • Karst water monitoring in the catchment area and data evaluation
  • Preparation of a study on the following topics:
    • catchment area and protected areas, GIS and mapping, legal framework, water quality, identification of polluters and mitigation measures

Project management

Philipp Derungs

Project Manager