A new technology for domestic heating

Basel (BS) - On behalf of IWB, HOLINGER is developing a new technology for the interconnection of terraced house heating systems.  Aimed at building owners who don't have access to a district heating network, the Nano Association concept will enable single-family home heating systems to share renewable heat energy. This will lower their heating costs, reduce emissions and increase mutual security of supply. The Nano Association will deliver these benefits without the need for large central heating plants. The concept is being explored by the PATHFNDR project as part of the SFOE's SWEET programme.

Our tasks

HOLINGER developed the technical concept for the Nano Association, programmed a digital twin and then realised the pilot plant. Thanks to the digital twin, we were able to virtually test, operate and optimise the system before the actual pilot plant was installed.

Project management

Stephan Février

Project Manager