Protecting the environment with a drainage model

Surface runoff plays an important role in Schaffhausen and the surrounding area due to the steep slopes and large catchment areas. HOLINGER developed the surface runoff sub-project of the GDP and defined measures to protect against surface rainwater runoff. One of the measures was the detailed modelling of an area in need of protection using 2D runoff modelling. This showed the need for action and provided concrete specifications for the protection of buildings and infrastructure.

Our tasks

  • Reprocessing basic data
  • Creation of 2D model of the surface in Mike+
  • Simulation of different scenarios and analysis of the effects of different rainfall events
  • Plausibility check and discussion of the results, sensitivity analysis
  • Assessment of the risk of projected construction projects
  • Elaboration of specifications and proposals for possible protective measures

Project manager

Katharina Schulthess

Head of Department Sponge City

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Laura Niederhauser

Project Engineer