Renovation during hospital operation without endangering health

The Königsfelden hospital site in Windisch comprises around 50 buildings from various construction periods. There are technical, catering, agricultural, hospital and administrative buildings as well as Kindergartens, the Roman Museum and the convent church. Over the decades, regular rebuilding, conversion and renovation work has taken place. HOLINGER's building contaminants experts are involved in supervising this work and are responsible for the specialist construction management. Thanks to a comprehensive inventory of building pollutants carried out in previous years the work can be managed so that operations can continue smoothly and without contaminants posing any health risks.

Our tasks

  • Inventory of building contaminants
  • List of places found
  • Planning and monitoring of the pollutant remediation work
  • Indoor air measurements

Project management

Markus Rudin

Project Manager

Michael Jadwig

Head of Building Pollutants / Fire Protection / Project Manager

Didier Gelb

Diagnostician, Specialist Construction Manager, Measurement Technician