Generating energy while treating wastewater

The new wastewater treatment plant for the 21 municipalities of APEC (Association Intercommunale pour l'épuration des eaux usées de la Côte) in Gland (VD) will have a capacity of 73,000 p.e. and is expected to be put into operation in 2026. Sophisticated nitrogen treatment will be provided by an aeration tank using an A/I (alternate, intermittent aeration) process. Trace elements will be treated with granulated activated carbon. Energy autonomy – both electrical and thermal – will be of great importance. Excess plant heat will be fed into the local heating network of the town of Gland and the treated water will generate power as it passes through a turbine on its way to being discharged into Lake Geneva.

Our tasks

HOLINGER is responsible for the general planning and process engineering for the wastewater treatment plant and the two pumping stations. The work includes the SIA phases preliminary project up to and including commissioning.

Project manager

Jürg Schweizer

Head of Technologies