Safety and recreation

Dierikon (LU) - Following the preparation of a flood protection study and shortly after the start of construction, a 100-year flood occurred. Immediate measures had to be taken. First, the channel of the Götzental stream was restored. Then the planned construction of a bedload retention system was brought forward.  The remaining measures included creating a section for bedload sedimentation and installing new culverts, some of which are located on the cantonal road. The channel was opened and widened in certain sections.

The opening up of the stream and the fish-friendly design have significantly improved the connectivity corridor, which was previously impaired. The near-natural river landscape also serves as a recreational area.

Our tasks 

  • Flood protection concept study
  • Numerical modelling, impact analysis flood retention
  • Object protection report
  • Prioritisation and implementation of immediate measures
  • Construction and circulation project for flood protection
  • Implementation of early measures
  • Realisation of SIA 41-53 measures

Project management

Adrian Stettler

Project Manager