First anammox plant in Luxembourg

For the city of Luxembourg's main wastewater treatment plant a new denitrification plant will provide separate treatment of the nitrogenous water from the sludge dewatering process. This will relieve the biological treatment stage and reduce the operating costs for nitrogen removal. The plant will be based on the Anammox process and reduce ammonium from the sludge dewatering centrate by approximately 90% using tanks that are completely lined with PE sheets and filled with a biofilm carrier. HOLINGER is responsible for all planning and specialist site management tasks relating to the processes, mechanical equipment and electrical instrumentation and control (I&C).

Our tasks

  • The concept
  • Comparison of options
  • Project planning
  • Invitation to tender
  • Implementation planning
  • Technical and construction management
  • Project coordination

Project management

Lutwin Gläsener