Prepared for emergencies

This 20-metre high industrial building that his home to warehouses, shops, offices and a laboratory lacks a fire safety plan. The sprinkler system is outdated and requires constant maintenance. 

Following an analysis of the situation, HOLINGER was asked to formulate a fire protection strategy and outline measures. We called for the installation of an EI 60 fire barrier (Euro Insulation Standard) for the office building and the main technical rooms, the addition of sirens to the fire alarm system. Furthermore, we specified improved signage and lighting along all escape routes, the installation of internal fire fighting stations and the implementation of organisational protocols for rapid response and evacuation procedures in the event of a fire.

Our tasks

  • Assessment of the multi-purpose medium height industrial building, covering structural, mechanical, organisational and fire safety aspects
  • Definition of immediate, short, medium and long term measures 
  • Preparation of fire safety plans
  • Design of a sprinkler and fire detection system for 2500 m2 of floor space


Project management

Luca Tomaselli

Project Manager