Getting a grip on the bedload

In 2014, the Canton of Schwyz drew up a strategic plan for restoring the bedload balance of its watercourses. In addition to the obvious structures such as hydroelectric power stations, other structures such as bedload traps were considered relevant. In the first phase, impaired sections of the Alp River between Brunni SZ and the confluence with the Sihl River were identified and six facilities were deemed to be in need of restoration. In 2020, HOLINGER was commissioned to plan the nature and extent of the necessary measures.

Our tasks

As part of the detailed design, HOLINGER analysed the situation by inspecting the river, calculating the bedload transport capacity and determining the regime width. Taking into account the restoration objectives, various measures were developed and a comparison of variants was carried out. HOLINGER is now developing a bedload management concept for the best option.

Project management

Sandro Ritler

Project Manager

Philipp von Arx

Project Engineer