A sensible replacement for natural gas

The canton of Basel-Stadt plans to phase out natural gas by 2037 and replace it with district heating. In order to meet the heat demand, the treated wastewater from the Basel wastewater treatment plant will, in future, also contribute to the production of district heating via two large heat pumps, which represent one of the largest heat pump projects in Switzerland.

Together with project partners, HOLINGER has developed a heat pump solution that uses natural refrigerants and turbo-compressors to raise the temperature of the wastewater to the level required for district heating - 75° C to 115° C. to drive the compressors. To drive the compressors, the plant requires a 145 kV high voltage power supply. This will be the highest power "house connection" in the city of Basel.

Our tasks

As the general planner, HOLINGER is developing the overall concept and the technical planning for the expansion of the district heating system. To this end, the project team will be drawing on its broad expertise in the fields of energy plant construction, wastewater engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and architecture.

Project Team

Stephan Février

Project Manager