About this report

Every two years, we provide information on the status of sustainability in our company. This report is based on data from 2023. We report on how our company is developing in terms of sustainability based on aspects that are important to us in the economic, environmental and social areas. We also provide portraits of projects as examples of how our work has a positive impact - on natural habitats, aquatic ecosystems and air and water quality. 

At a glance

Flowering branch of the golden currant - Ribes aureum

Environment and resources

We record HOLINGER's consumption of resources (electricity, combustibles, fuels, paper) and determine our greenhouse gas emissions. This data shows where we have improved and in which areas we need to take further action. 


An attractive employer

We are committed to the solid economic development of the company and have once again been able to create new high-quality jobs. Our employees are particularly important to us. That is why we attach great importance to a good working atmosphere and the best working conditions.



In our projects, we are committed to reducing environmental impact, conserving natural resources and using them sensibly. At the same time, our solutions should be sustainable and economically viable. 


Sustainability Report 2023